Sunday, June 04, 2006


I love Godzilla. I have since I was a kid and saw the "original" when I was a snot nose punk watching it with my face so close to the TV you'd think I was trying to speed the growth that tumor my mom said I would get...from sitting too close to the TV....anyway. As an adult I saw the true original without the crappy Raymond Burr footage that had been thrown in for "us". It's a much darker film and way better. But since then I've loved Godzilla and so I love Toho Studios. And now I have another reason. It's their take on the classic disaster film...


(The Sinking of Japan)

...and it looks to be freaking fabulous. The trailer has everything I look for in simple summer movie fun. Our heros in a mad dash to save the day...or as many people as possible...our heros also has to try to convince "the man" that "your evil ways have destroyed this planet and now she's out to kick some ass!"...but we all know "the man" never listens. But we're all happy when "the man" gets it in the end by some fiery lava ball or tidal wave or tornado or slips on a bar of soap in the hotel shower. One of the reasons why I know I will love this film is that over the years I have learned what to expect from a Toho film experience...and they always deliver. I always have a good time. I am never me that's money in the bank. I can't say that for about 80%(or more) of the films coming out of the major studios these days. So, enjoy the trailer while I take a second to climb down off my movie soap box. Cheers!


3DBurke said...

I don't know what's scarier, the millions of people being sunk to death or the horrible J-pop in the background.

Your mission in life now is to remind me of this film when it's available to buy. I want to see this so bad my breath stinks.

Matthew Russell said...

Until then I have Godzilla-Final Wars in Japanese with no subtitles. We can sit there and be totally confused until more crap blows up.