Monday, June 23, 2008

Damnit, that hurts...

About a bazillion years ago when I spent quality time with Uncle Sam and my wonderful brothers in green, I had a disagreement with a large piece of equipment. The piece of equipment won (well him and his friend gravity....gravity can be a real sonovabitch.) Since them I'm occasionally reminded of this incident when my back decides to sit back in it's easy chair, drink a beer, give me the finger and take some time off. This time has been a doozy but with the wonders of modern medicine, physical therapy and a wife so freaking awesome she mowed the lawn so I could lay on the couch and whimper (like a small, malnourished chihuahua with a nervous condition and weak bladder) I'm making the slow move towards recovery. I'll let you know how it goes.

Spy's bloggin' my sentry...

Team Fortress 2 has it's own blog. Here's some insight as to why:
"Now that we've settled into regular releases of content, we've found ourselves wanting a better way to talk directly to the TF2 community about the state of the game and some of the reasoning behind the choices we're making...."

Not to much is up yet but there will be as we keep churning out quality, wholesome bloodshed and violence.


Duh, guess it would help if I actually gave the link. You can read all the TF2-ish goodness here.

Meet the Sniper

This is the newest in the "Meet the ..." shorts for the TF2 characters. Andrew, Aaron and the rest of the guys that put this one together did an outstanding job. This is probably my favorite but they're all so damn good it's hard to decide. I hope you enjoy this as much as i do.