Wednesday, October 17, 2007

AM Fall 2007 Student Showcase...

I'm taking a break from mentoring at AM this quarter...first break in a couple years. It's good to see this and remember why I love being a part of it all in the first place.

Movie "Recrap"...

Been catching up on some flicks...some were ok...most were pure shite.

Here's the rundown:



crap...but with boobies and a "Bobbitt" for good measure

not crap...until the last 15 minutes. then mildly crap-esque.

definitely crap-free...unless you hate fun

Meet the Demo...

Andrew says he'll buy a beer for whoever can guess what he's saying under the beep...oh, and Jamaal rocks the block.


Funniest reviews...makes me feel like my daughter's "baby alive" doll...I want to giggle and pee myself.