Monday, June 26, 2006

Before and After...

I've been looking at all the wonderful art Sarah has on her site when I came across the above image. It was an early concept piece for Ant Bully. I loved how "Lord of the Flies" this felt. A little dark, a little mysterious and tons of potential for adventure.

I'm very happy with how our film has turned out and I hope that "John Q Public" and his 2.2 kids finds it just as entertaining. I was just reflecting on what the first pass of the script I read was like compared to what we actually produced for the big screen. I'll wait till after July 28th to really get into the before and afters, I just wanted to see what kind of stories you other industry type folks had. Some I know are major, entire script rewrites, characters removed, characters added...and some are not so drastic. I love hearing about those changes the same way I like reading the original draft of scripts to see the "evolution" of a project.

As fun as our movie is now, I wonder what it would have been like had it kept the feel of this original artwork...hmmmmmm.



Matthew Russell said...

No...way...that's impossible. A major studio would never do anything like that....ok, I almost said that with a straight face, almost.

Matthew Russell said...

Yeah, Tom...when you're on my site you're seen by tens of people everywhere in the greater Flower Mound area.

bro said...

I agree with you Matty. I remember I when I was interning under you and Tom and ventured over to Sarah's desk to look at the Ant Bully artwork. It really had a very raw and adventurous feel to it. I never got to read the first script so I am anxious to hear what you have to say.

A Russel P1,

Matthew Russell said...

Yeah, I really dug the final film. There were just so many things that got trimmed or cut all together that would have been great to see. It's not like the film was running long or anything.