Monday, January 29, 2007

Ratatouille Test......back again

Not sure how long this will be up. Fun little bit of test animation. I'm looking forward to Pixar characters with arms and legs again. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Yup, it got yanked. Didn't think it would last long but it was more than enough to wet my appetite to see it when it hits theaters. So, in it's stead the Ratatouille German!

Auf Wiedersehen!!!

UPDATED UPDATE: yeah, it's back....enjoy.


Jason Newkirk said...

Hi Matthew, Im new to your blog, some great stuff up here. Im diggin that test a lot. And yes it will be nice to see apendages again from Pixar, I cant wait... :D

I watched Nanna and lil puss puss today...bust a gut...funny

Matthew Russell said...

Thanks, Nanna was tons of fun to work on...even if it did leave me a little scarred in the process. And yeah, I'm looking forward to Ratatouille. Cars was not my fav Pixar flick (I don't care what you say Andrew) so I'm hoping for a return to form with this one.

amila said...

Hey Matthew, the Ratatouille test is now officially released and can be seen here: