Friday, March 31, 2006

So my reel is up, sort of...

Ok, I finally have my demo reel up....sort of. This is my pre "Ant Bully" none of my work for the last two years is on there. But soon, the movie release Aug 4th and then I will add all kinds of "ant" goodness. Take a look under the animation tab, let me know what you think. You will need the latest version of quicktime to view it...on a different note...

Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the man, the myth, the legend...Ray Harryhausen. I'll be talking about that more later. You'll get to enjoy all kinds of nerdy goodness.

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Richard Oud said...

He Matthew,

Hope everything is going good there in Irving

You're reel looks nice dude, to bad you can't put up Ant Bully stuff.
I've seen some awesome stuff from you in there... just have to wait till August.

Anyway, hope everything turns out the way you want it.

Greetings, the Dutch guy... International Richard