Friday, March 10, 2006

Such a dork

As the always wise Amila Puhala says, "You...uh....", ok, I can't exactly remember what she said but it was something about winning battles n' stuff. Anyway, after getting my final critiques done for Mentor, I was up till 1:00 am getting this thing up and least the bones of it anyway. Needless to say I've been showing everyone with the patience to actually look. It just feels good to get something done and "out there". Now for you folks that had the patience to read through this here's a picture of the DNA Animation crew....and puppets.

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eneries said...

Yay! Matthew's online! Hahahaa, love the guy with the invisible puppet in the back. Your sidebar says NARGL! If you swapped it around it'd say GNARL! Alright, I'm going to visit again when I've had sleep and there's fun stuff in the other sections. Have fun!