Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey, where'd everybody go?

When you're first ramping up on a project there's an excitment in the air. An electricity as you plow through your day. You have so much ahead of you..some of it terrifying but most of it fun. You're going to be developing new characters and trying new things in your animation and meeting and working some new folks and some old friends...and the whole production is in front of you...

...And then there's the end of production. Wow, talk about wanting to slit my freaking wrists. For the last month or so each Friday has been the same...a big lunch for all the friends that are leaving that day plus a ton of "goodbye, it's been great working with you all" e-mails. And now this place is a ghost town. My last day is June 16th...I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into between now and then? I could turn the department into a youth hostel or a shelter for homeless animators. Clear out all the furniture and computers and turn it into a volleyball court...the 10 foot ceilings will make things interesting....I'm pretty sure I saw a freakin' tumbleweed blow past my cube...A TUMBLEWEED!!!!! Ok, ok...the solitude is getting to me...I've seen this happen in movies. Didn't Tom Hanks go a little crazy in that castaway flick? Enough of the crazy talk...I'm gonna go find out if my mousepad is flamable...I'll let you know how it goes.


Drew said...

wow, that's gotta be really different. you've been there quite a while, haven't you? one of my instructors when i was at school was sam fleming (taught me everything valuable i retained from school) and he said you worked together. and he's got a lot of gray hair so that must have been a loooooooooong while ago. take it easy and best of luck.


Matthew Russell said...

Hey Drew. yeah, Sam's awesome. Worked with him back on the Jimmy Neutron feature. Great guy...he had all that grey hair back then too. Tell him hello and thanks.