Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Movie that didn't Suck...

I picked up "Monsters vs. Aliens" today and watched it with the fam. It didn't suck!!! Not only that but my lovely wife enjoyed it as well.

Now just to give you a little bit of insight. Our oldest is a lot like me when it comes to watching movies. We sit down and the moment our eyes focus on the screen we'd prefer it if no one bothers us until said movie is over (unless it sucks really badly, like Transformers 2.) We don't like getting pulled out of the moment. I mean, G would sit and watch "Spirited Away" from start to finish at age 3 (I was so proud.)

My wife and our youngest are very similar when it comes to watching movies. First off, they like to ask you exactly what just happened, what is currently happening and what is about to happen. It makes little difference if I'm seeing this movie for the first time as well. I'm dad and therefore should know all when it comes to whatever movie we are watching. I will occasionally resort to making crap up just to see the reaction I get when it doesn't play out like I told 'em. Yeah, evil, I know.

Anyway...we sat down and watched "Monsters vs. Aliens" all the way through. No bathroom breaks, no taking the dogs out because they're barking at the back door, no...anything. One straight shot all the way through. It was, well, really nice.

I think we're ready to have a regular family movie night.

I wonder how they'd feel about "Zombieland"?


Unknown said...

i'm so looking forward to when we'll be able to have movies nights.

we keep trying "just to make sure". needless to say we'll have to keep trying.

Tim Hatcher said...

I did not enjoy "M vs A" at all, but I suspect that was largely because I was watching it in 3D and was much too close to the screen. I'd even hate "Sophie's Choice" under those circumstances.