Friday, August 15, 2008

Crap or No-Crap....

Wanted: Mix 1/2 awesome gun porn with 1/2 crap, toss is the awesomeness of Angelina. Bake for 20 minutes too long and you get "meh"

Horton: All the Suess, non of the crap. Mmmm, delicious.

HB2: More crap free than the first one.

Iron Man looked crap right in the face, then melted it with his repolsors...Hellz Yeah!!!

Kung fu Panda: Dung Fu?.....Noooooo. This Kung Fu is stronger than yours! Two for two on the animation front....niiiiiiiice.

Primer: That's some trippy shit, yo.

Step Brothers: Laughed till I pooped a little.

The Incredible Hulk: Only the faint aroma of doggy bombs in a couple places. The rest is like a big, green, ass-whoopin, summers breeze.

Wall-E: Genius...three fantastic animated films this year. Makes me excited for the industry again.

The Dark Knight: Batman beats the crap out of it. Joke scares the crap out of it...what more can I say. Plus it has the single best magic trick ever put on film.

Ok, that's about it. More to come....eventually.


Reagan said...

How the hell do you have time to see all these movies???? :-) Thanks for the reviews. Makes me so excited I'm going to update my blockbuster queue right after I leave this comment. ;-)

matthew said...

I just cram 26 hours into the day and I'm usually good to go.