Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hamish's word of the day....

Any of you that read my blog....all four of you...know that I'm lucky enough to call Hamish McKenzie my buddy, my pal, my dear old chum (becasue if you put him in the water, sharks come a swimmin'.) One of the many, many other things that I find so gosh darn swell about Hamish is his never ending ability to increase my vocabulary with the wonderfully discriptive vernacular of the Australian peoples.

Todays phrase: "That's the duck's nuts"

That just leaves a mental image that is both distrubing and freakin' hysterical all at the same time.

Remember, use it three times and an angle gets it's wings, then kills a kitten.


Bert said...

hahahah! WORD!! btw, am I one of four?

Hamish said...

BTW folks, if something is "the ducks nuts" it means its good. matthew didn't really clarify with that.

for example, bert - you're the ducks nuts.

zehnerbomb said...

Hey, I think that makes me Two of Four! I am honored to be one of the few, the proud. Are we "the ducks nuts"?