Sunday, November 19, 2006


So the Wii came out today. I haven't been all that excited about it but it's been a blast listening to Andrew get all "school girl" excited as this magical day arrived. Since I'm not strong enough to admit my own addiction (remember, knowing is half the battle...GO JOE!!!) I decided to live vicariously through Andrew and document the momentus occasion for all to enjoy.

Tha adventure starts at an undisclosed GameStop midnight, damn.

Here we see Andrew striking the classic "pose". See how excited he is...sad, isn't it?


Mmmmm, tastes like awesome

So close.....

My Kung-Fu is strong!!!!

I haven't decided yet who the bigger nerd is, Andrew for braving the geek horde or me for documenting it. Anyway, to say the Wii is kickass cool and fun to play would be an understatement. It rocked! Wii sports was da bomb yo, Call of Duty 3 looked like it would require a serious effort to master the controller but had potential. Once again I hate Andrew for adding one more thing to my "must have" list...Darn you Burke, darn you to heck!!!


3DBurke said...

I think I win in the nerd off Mathew. WOW the card game clinched that title long ago.

pj leffelman said...

Nerd alert!!!

joeyg said...

Andrew is so hot with that Wii... that's what will ultimately sell me.