Friday, July 28, 2006

Today's the big day...

Yup, "The AntBully" opens today. All in all everything has added up to make this a prety interesting event for me...the change in employment, the change in location. Rotten Tomatoes has us slowly climbing. We started with a 39%, now we're up to a 53% (as of this posting).

The reviews have ranged from very good to calling it a communist'd they know? Seriously though...they tell you to be an individual but chastize you for standing out. They tell you to try your best but that everyone is special...make up your mind. In sports, is it a win for the individual player or the team they play on?...let em tell a story about being a part of something bigger then yourself. Good lord, with so many kids being locked up in their rooms with the internet and instant messenger and online games and cell phones and my space...jeez, you'd think people would appreciate some kind of message that talks about being a part of some kind of social, didn't mean to go off on that rant.

Anyway, I'll be seeing the movie twice tomorrow. The first time with my family, it will be my youngest daughters first movie. She was born at the begining of production...I'm still ticked at Warners for not putting production babies in the credits. The second with some of the kick ass students of Animation Mentor. I expect to get two totally different reactions. I've seen the movie already but am still a little too close to have a relatively unbiased opinion.

I hope the film does well. It's always good for the industry when one of the films makes money, helps the job security anyway. But also, I want to see the people who were at DNA get recognized for their hard work. A good crew put this thing together.

Ok, here's the deal...I leave the comments option about as open as you can get so please feel free to give me some feedback on the film. I know at least a couple people besides my mo look at this thing, it would be grea to hear what you think of how we spent the last 2+ years. Hope it entertains you.


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